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Hilfe (PSP) Probleme bei Spielen? Hier bitte rein!

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Alt 22.04.2005, 20:28   #1
Registriert seit: 16.02.2005
Alter: 33

Feri hat die Renommee-Anzeige deaktiviert

Standard MGA Metal Gear besiegen

kann mir jemand einen tipp geben? habe es ungefähr 4 Stunden versucht ohne erfolg
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Alt 22.04.2005, 21:19   #2
Registriert seit: 11.08.2002

wenmi hat die Renommee-Anzeige deaktiviert

wenmi eine Nachricht über ICQ schicken

How to kill Metal Gear
Snake faces Metal Gear, while Teliko destroys the inner sections of
the mad machine to help out Snake. At the beginning of the fight, there
is nothing for Snake to do except dodge the guided missiles until
Teliko does her job. Teliko needs to destroy the two 500 LIFE terminals,
while taking damage from a roid-powered patrol bot. Don't bother killing
the bot; another one will just replace it instantly.

When one of the terminals are destroyed, the armor protecting that
side's respective arm is destroyed, allowing Snake to beat the shit out
of that side. When one terminal is destroyed, move to the second. Rinse
and repeat. A good idea, and one I mentioned already, is to give Teliko
a bunch of healing cards, as she will take a decent chunk of damage
from the bot.

With the terminals destroyed, let Snake unleash his Stingers to destroy
each of the 500 LIFE arms.

After the arms are destroyed, Metal Gear enters into his second form
(SEE:Metal Gear's attack arsenal for atk description), which is
significantly easier.

Second Phase
Teliko's part in this phase is completely worthless. Outside of having
the perfect six cards in your deck, there is just no way to destroy all
four rods to stop the beam attack. I just had her kill the bot over
again, cuz I was bored ^^;

Snake on the other hand, has a lot to do. Keep close to Metal Gear,
while stocking up on your Mosin Nagant and Stingers. When Metal Gear
is charging up its beam, fire away, then run behind it. COST reduction
cards are extremely helpful, and allow you to take that extra few turns
to take out the 1000 LIFE on one round.

Keep track of Metal Gear's COST. The beam attack only takes off
300 LIFE, so in my opinion, it's worth getting that extra Stinger off
just so that you have one less attack to do.

Metal Gear's attack arsenal
When Metal Gear uses its guided missile attack, you can use the Aerial
View Mode to see where the missiles will hit (squares in red). You can
do this when Metal Gear has to wait 10 COST before the missiles are
fired. Obviously, if Snake doesn't have a turn within this 10 COST,
then you won't be able to see where the missiles are going to hit. When
Teliko destroys the terminals inside Metal Gear, the tank loses four
of the missiles it fires (so destroy both and it can't use this attack).

Remember that the guided missile's explosion is 3x3.

Once the two arms are destroyed, Metal Gear will begin using a charge
beam-type weapon. After 20 COST, it fires a blast of energy that covers
practically any square ahead of Metal Gear. As far as I know, you have
to be behind it to dodge it. The attack itself reduces LIFE by 300.

There is one way to stop the attack, but it is really tough. Within that
20 COST, Teliko can destroy the four rods that charge the beam inside
Metal Gear. They each have 40 LIFE, so the reason for the difficulty
is trying to get four weapons off within such a small COST limit. Cyborg
Ninja helps a lot, because it can grab that one rod that is further
away from the others. Without Ninja, you actually have to move the
three or four squares to positon yourself there. Add in the fact that
the patrol bot will proabbly be in your way, and the odds aren't in
favor of you killing all four rods.
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Alt 23.04.2005, 00:53   #3
Registriert seit: 16.02.2005
Alter: 33

Feri hat die Renommee-Anzeige deaktiviert


die taktik die da geboten wird ist nicht so gut, ich habe es jetzt schon selber durchgespielt.
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